Crafted one piece at a time, the DE SMET wardrobe is built on the knowledge that stems from a dialogue between purist fabrics and their natural surroundings. Each DE SMET garment evokes a subtle femininity made for intuitive and continuous wear.


Respecting and celebrating the fluid nature of the design process, DE SMET considers each twist and curve to be of the utmost importance in reaching the finished product. By crafting each garment on a made-to-order basis, the ability to examine every minute detail is made possible, resulting in an expertly finished product with minimal waste and absolutely no dead-stock.


Each DE SMET garment brings instinctive form to essential function. Through the slow accumulation of these honest foundations, a perennially relevant wardrobe is established. Designed to wear gracefully over time, DE SMET guides any wardrobe from present to future with quiet certainty and refined ease.